Foundation Repair


What makes a Foundation Repair expert?

The term, foundation repair is fairly self explanatory, but if there is any confusion as to its meaning: foundation repair is the mending of damaged or compromised structural elements in a foundational system (pilings, footings, chainwall or floor joists). 


To properly execute foundation repair services, a contractor must fully understand structural integrity (a building’s load as it relates to the strength of the materials supporting it) and be an expert on the myriad situations or events that could compromise it.


With 178 years in the foundation repair business, Abry Brothers’ possesses such knowledge.  Our highly skilled field teams have been trained to spot weaknesses, repair them and protect the structure from future vulnerabilities. For more information and answers to any remaining questions, please contact Abry Brothers’ today.

Rest easy ksowing that you’ve elevated your home, and loved ones - above the flood plain.

Properly secure historic structures while critical elements are being repaired or replaced.

What to expect when you contract us for house elevation services or foundation repair services.

If your sills, joists, or wooden floor system elements have been compromised by improper installation, climate or termites.