House Leveling


What is House Leveling? And why Abry Brothers’?

House Leveling is the process by which a house’s lowest points are brought to level or to the same elevation as its highest points. The house leveling process requires trenching beside or under a house’s existing foundation and utilizes steel plates, shims and a jacking system along with a crew (or crews) to complete the requisite work. 


Abry Brothers’ uses the finest materials and equipment; and employs highly skilled tradesmen to staff its field teams.

There is too much riding on a leveling job to risk handing it to ignorant or lazy workmen. Our teams are made up of hardworking, intelligent and experienced house leveling contractors.” Greg Abry

For more information on Abry Brothers’ house leveling services, please contact us today. We’d love to hear from you. 

Rest easy knowing that you’ve elevated your home, and loved ones - above the flood plain.

Properly secure historic structures while critical elements are being repaired or replaced.

Mend damaged or compromised structural elements in your foundational system (pilings, footings or chainwalls).

When sills, joists, or wooden floor system elements have been compromised by improper installation, climate or termites.