New Orleans Shoring


Foundation Repair Services

for the local, poroud-to-call-it-home-owner.

New Orleans has a reputation for soaking up a spicy potpourri of cultures. Its Southern hospitality is unrivaled, its natives drenched in conversation. And yet, this city stuffed with cordiality consistently finds itself overflowing with inches upon feet of salty water post rain showers.


Nancy Gibbs of the Northeast, essayist and managing editor for TIME magazine argued:


New Orleans lives by the water and fights it, a sand castle set on a sponge nine feet below sea level… 

Louisiana proprietors battle with their home turf, trying to literally keep themselves on solid ground. But when you love your town so much, you make it work.


We know NOLA tends to hoard water flow, but any period of draught is actually unfortunate for a building’s foundation. The swampy soil below us becomes increasingly dehydrated, causing our structures to sink. Due to this, if you are living in Louisiana, thinking of moving here, or even planning on moving away, shoring is important.


If you are new to the New Orleans area and looking for residential or commercial property, you need to be aware of the inevitable decline in your prospective structure’s foundation. If you are buying, look for cracks in the walls, a sagging fireplace, or doors that do not sit flush in their frames. If you are building or looking to enlarge an existing space, be conscious of bowing in your additions or dips in your floors. Abry Brothers shoring will level your foundation so you can settle in your home before it settles in the ground.


On the same poignant note, if you are moving away from the city, you may find it difficult to sell your property if its structure is not solid. Shoring can level any foregoing hitches to make sure it is appraised fairly. A sinking foundation may have a NOLA newcomer steering clear of your estate.


Lastly, if you are a current resident, a proud-to-call-it-home-owner, Abry Brothers can ensure that your little piece of Southern paradise stays intact. New Orleans architecture is essential to historians, sociologists, tourists, you name it. And, perhaps, the Big Easy is not so easy to upkeep. Louisiana born writer Grace King wrote:


We wander through old streets and pause before the age stricken houses: and, strange to say, the magic past lights them up.


To keep the past in the present, for ourselves, for our grand children, for guests, and for neighbors, the very base of our culture, the central foundation of the church or the skyscraper or the corner store needs that little bit of extra care that Abry Brothers has been doling out to NOLA addicts since 1840.


So whether you are new to town, just passing through, or taking your journey elsewhere, we as a city rely on you to safeguard these landmarks of historical magnificence. Check your walls, your floors, your foundation, and call or write Abry Brothers for some classic New Orleans shoring when you are ready to begin.