New Orleans Shoring


Signs your foundation needs shoring work…

There is no shortage of bells, whistles, sirens or alarms in our fare city of New Orleans. A few weeks ago a series of alerts brought Abry Brothers to the 1000 block of Canal Street following a 6 alarm fire. The four story structure had a large beam support system comprised of all wood, as there were no steal beams at the historical time period of it’s construction. It should come as no surprise that these large, wood beams are heavy and very combustible, causing numerous safety concerns even after the fire was controlled.


Our TEAM was called to shore the building, and surrounding structures most damaged by the fire… but what does shoring mean? To put it simply, a shore is a prop and shoring is the act of configuring and erecting shores in such a manner that temporary support is provided to a structure deemed unsafe or weak.

There are several reasons a building could be in need of SHORING:


  • A bulge in a wall of the building
  • Cracks due to uneven, or unequal settlement
  • When construction is needed to open a wall, or enlarge a space


or in the case of the Canal Street fire


  • When a structure or adjacent structure is damaged, or needs to be pulled down


After a fire, a shoring system is developed the will give warning before a potential fall, and has forgiveness. The damaged structure may continue to shift, or potentially collapse, even with the assistance of shoring. The amount of impairment on Canal Street compromised multiple buildings on the block, pulling support beams away from brick walls, charring wood beams and other combustible building material. The variables involved in these unsafe environments often mean multiple variations of shoring can and will be used.

Shoring can be set up in several methods and patterns, but the most common used in construction are:


  • Raking – Lateral support
  • Flying – Support between two party walls, where another structure comes down between
  • Dead – Vertical support


It takes multiple levels of engineering and experience to implement a safe plan for any structure in need of emergency shoring. Abry Brothers has years of experience and the expertise required to successfully shore and secure a building in this condition.

To see Greg Abry, our President, at the scene of the 5 Alarm Canal Street Fire,  CLICK HERE.

Abry Brothers is available for all shoring needs, not just emergencies. If you would like an estimate or evaluation, please don’t hesitate to CALL. We’re here to help, and honored to do so.