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Repairing Foundations, Sills & Joists for 175 Years

In the fall, we tailgate.  In the winter, we parade. In the spring, we fest.  In the summer, we duck and swat.  Huh?  Yep.  I’m talking about ducking and swatting the TERMITE SWARMS.  There is no quicker way to send porch-sitters or alfresco-diners running for cover, than to point out a growing cloud of those obnoxious winged creatures swarming beneath a near by street lamp.


You know what I’m talking about!  Chances are, if you’ve lived in New Orleans for any length of time, you’ve experienced the termite buzz-kill, too!


Perhaps, at a picnic, a termite flew under your nose and into the frothy foam atop your pint of NOLA Blonde just as you were about to take a sip.  Or, maybe, you were at a dinner party when the host suddenly exclaimed, “Quick!  Cut the lights.  They’re swarming.”  You and your fellow guests sat, quietly and listened as their nasty little bodies make their way down chimneys and through hairline cracks into the house to invade your party space. OR!  And this is, perhaps, the worst scenario of all… have you ever been for out a late evening jog in June?  Down the Avenue, maybe?  Ever sniffed a termite through your nose?  Some locals say that you aren’t really a New Orleanian lived until…

Ahh! Just writing about it gives me chills.  TERMITES ARE GROSS!

Over and above the fact that they are truly unpleasant to look at (and even worse when inhaled), Formosan Termites pose a real threat to many of us down here on the coast.




You see, worker termites are fairly delicate and completely blind.  They need two things to thrive: soft soil that never freezes and moisture trails through which they can travel.  Well… guess what!  Down here, on the coast and in the bayous, we have soft soil that never freezes and moisture trails in abundance!


A single colony of termites, operating, unchecked for as little as a month can cause significant damage to the structural members of a home or office building.


So… Why are we talking about termites?  Does Abry Brothers offer damage prevention or provide termite abatement services?  Nope.




If an inspector (either a termite contractor or an insurance adjuster) identifies termite damage, or you happen to spot the damage yourself, be sure to call Abry Brothers. We offer free, in-home assessments and estimates to all homeowners.  We repair termite affected sills and joists.  We can replace any of damaged wooden piles.


Abry Bothers has been repairing termite damaged foundations and structural elements since 1840.  We live here.  So we know what it takes to work here.  Not only do we offer foundation repair services, we promise to deliver them with the delicacy and care required for preserving the centuries old buildings in which we work.


You can’t just go in with a hammer and a few sticks of wood.  These buildings are old.  One problem may beget another.  You really have to know what you’re doing.  Some of these guys from out of town are accustomed to working on new construction.  And they’ll do more harm than good on a lot of these old buildings.  – Greg Abry, President


Before you submit a damage claim or accept an insurance check, contact Abry Brothers.  We can help you.  And we’re proud to do so.

For further reading, some super gross termite facts from around the internet…

Pound for Pound, the Termites win.

Experts estimate that for every person on earth, there could be as many as 1,000 pounds of termites.

To some, Termites are a delicacy.

In Singapore, the queen (usually about two inches in length) is often served alive in a glass of alcohol.  Think: worm in the tequila, but worse!

Mount St. Termite.

In Africa, the hard mounds in which termites colonize can reach forty-two feet in total height.

Work. Work. Work.

Termites don’t sleep.  That’s right.  They work around the clock.  Eating and eating and eating.  They don’t rest.  They exist to eat.

BOOM! There goes the neighborhood.

A typical termite infested home typically has two to four termite colonies in or around it.  It is not uncommon for the total number of insects to top one million.

They’ll eat you out of house and home.

A single colony of termites can consume upwards of one thousand pounds of wood in a years time.  ONE THOUSAND POUNDS OF WOOD!

Born to breed.

Scientists estimate that a termite queen can live up to 25 years.  And she can produce an egg every 15 seconds.  Who wants to do the math…?

That is…

4 termite eggs per minute.

240 eggs per hour.

5,760 eggs per day.

2,102,400 eggs per year.


And… on that incredibly disgusting note, we’ll call it a day!  But… know that we have been here for the city of New Orleans for 175 years.  We are here for you today.  And we will be here for you tomorrow.  So don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Thanks for reading!