Raising a Home in New Orleans


Homeowners often wonder about raising homes in New Orleans, and everything required from money, time, and sacrifice. Questions generally center around the final cost and long term benefits. Some homeowners may feel that relocation is the answer. Others, well, not so much…Buying a home that is already well above the flood zone does sound nice, but is the cost of the time involved in house hunting, moving, realtor commissions, taxes and legal fees worth it? What if you love your neighborhood, and are attached to your home? Raising the elevation may be your best option to repair you home of prior damage and create preventative measures against future inclement incidents.


New Orleans is shaped like a bowl, and susceptible to floods with water levels that must be purged in order to recede. If your home’s foundation is at flood level, or even below, you’re at a high risk for water damage, or even the complete loss of your house. There are many things to consider, once you’ve decided to raise your house, such as where you’ll stay during the elevation, can you afford the various costs, or are there still qualifying grants available to help subsidize your expense.

Raising your home, above the standard flood level for your area of New Orleans, or even several feet provides multiple benefits. If you’re financially able to raise you home several feet, you gain valuable square footage. It could provide coveted off street parking, storage for items not susceptible to water damage, or even create a more comfortable crawl space or basement.


How your home is raised, and the costs involved, will be directed by the foundation your home currently rests upon. There are different methods for slab, and pier foundations. Each is time consuming and have their own set of hurdles. Pier foundations are certainly the easier foundation to raise, and can be done rather straight forward. Slab foundations are tackled with one of two approaches…You either lift the entire slab, or you separate the home from the slab. Abry Brothers’ experts are happy to help you explore these options, and answer any questions you have.


While a home is being elevated, home owners will be temporarily displaced. The different methods will require varying lengths of time to complete, but all require that utilities be turned off and disconnect from the home during a portion of the process. Once the home is secured, and utilities are reconnected, it is possible for home owners to have access to their home while a new foundation, and other cosmetic repairs are completed.


Once your home is out of the flood zone, your insurance premiums will be reduced. You’ll undoubtedly rest better knowing your home is safer during flood and hurricane seasons. Additionally the finished product can create beautiful curb appeal, and expanded functional square footage raising your resale value in the long term.


For estimates and additional questions, please call (504) 488-2671. Abry Brothers is here to help, and have been for over 175 years.