Structural Carpentry


What is a Structural Carpenter? Why do I need an expert?

It is not difficult to figure out what work a structural carpenter might do: he concerns himself with the elements of a building that keep it above ground and upright – the structural carpenter is responsible for a building’s bones. 


It may also be said that a building is only as sound as the work of its structural carpenter. Which begs the question: why hire a structural carpenter who lacks the decades of experience and the hard fought expertise of Abry Brothers? We have been in the business of building and repairing foundational systems and structures for 178 years. We know this business, its hazards and the ways to avoid them.


You need Abry Brothers if the structure of your home has been damaged by subsidence, flooding or termites. If you are concerned that your home has been compromised by any of these conditions, call or write Abry Brothers today. We can help to determine whether or not your home has been undermined and to what extent. We can also work to help you secure funding for any necessary repair projects.

Rest easy ksowing that you’ve elevated your home, and loved ones - above the flood plain.

Properly secure historic structures while critical elements are being repaired or replaced.

What to expect when you contract us for house elevation services or foundation repair services.

Mend damaged or compromised structural elements in your foundational system (pilings, footings or chainwalls).