Structural Shoring


Abry Brothers’: Shoring for the future since 1840.

In verb form, the word shoring is a construction term to describe the process of supporting a building so as to prevent its collapse while structural repairs are made. When “shoring” a building, a contractor will use vertical and horizontal bracing to support it.


In noun form, the word shoring refers to a building’s supporting elements. When identifying “shoring” in a building under construction, one might point to vertical elements which are being used to temporarily replace a buildings’ columns or walls.

With 178 years in continuous operation as a structural shoring contractor, Abry Brothers has the experience and the expertise necessary to avoid common pitfalls.

Many of New Orleans’ historic French Quarter structures are falling victim to an unrelenting climate and the ravages of time and they are rapidly deteriorating. To prevent the collapse of some of our architectural treasures, Abry Brothers must delicately and intricately support areas of these buildings as they are repaired, replaced or redesigned.


Though Abry Brothers can expertly shore a grand, historic edifice in the French Quarter, we regularly undertake smaller structural shoring projects around town: we often shore porches while repairs are made to their supporting columns.

Rest easy knowing that you’ve elevated your home, and loved ones - above the flood plain.

What to expect when you contract us for house elevation services or foundation repair services.

Mend damaged or compromised structural elements in your foundational system (pilings, footings or chainwalls).

When sills, joists, or wooden floor system elements have been compromised by improper installation, climate or termites.