The Abry Brothers Team

New Orleans Leading Foundation Repair Contractor.

This foundation repair contractor is only as good as the team that backs him. Being a foundation repair contractor in New Orleans is not easy.  Overhead and material costs are high, qualified workmen are hard to locate and the competition can be fierce.  It is often difficult for a foundation repair contractor to set himself apart.  But at Abry Brothers’ Greg Abry will tell you that his teams to just that.  His office staff is attentive to the needs of each client.  They are well educated so as to help source the most valuable solutions for their clients’ investments.  Abry Brothers’ field teams are exemplary performers, “some of the hardest working guys I know!” Says Greg. 

“Everyone on our team conducts business with gracious professionalism and integrity.  We work around families and children, all of my people know how to conduct themselves in a manor befitting that honor.”

Greg Abry

Current President

Greg Abry has been working as a foundation repair contractor at Abry Brothers Inc since 1988. He took responsibility for the company from his father in 2004. Since then he has guided his family’s business through both disaster and success.

Born and raised in New Orleans, he takes an active roll in the community.

Greg is a graduate of Jesuit High School and holds a Construction Management degree from LSU. He oversees all complicated commercial shoring projects from design to implementation, while maintaining an active roll in the company’s day to day operations.

“I am proud to continue my family’s tradition of integrity as a quality foundation repair contractor.”

“Abry Brothers is a family owned business that has operated within a hundred mile radius of New Orleans since 1840 - we have never been able to afford unsatisfied customers! Without referrals, we would have never made it.”

Emily Abry Barre

Office Manager

Emily is proud to be an Abry. She is the daughter of Herman J. Abry, the 5th Generation foundation repair contractor and previous owner of Abry Brothers.

After attending St. Mary’s Dominican High School, Emily went on to receive a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration from Louisiana State University. She joined the Abry Brothers’ team in 2005 after Hurricane Katrina pummeled her family and its business.

“My goal is to make my customers smile every day. This process can be challenging. I want to make it as painless as possible for everyone we do business with.”

“It’s exciting to be part of a 173 year old business and I take it personally. I want to make sure our sterling reputation and service continues through the next generation and the one after that!”

Jeff Ferlandy

Lead Estimator

Jeff, a graduate of Hahnville High School, began working with Abry Brothers in 1991. He spent valuable years working with the field teams and learning the business of being a foundation repair contractor from the ground up. He moved into a project management roll in 1997 and, in 2008, became a property evaluator.

Jeff is responsible for evaluating a homeowner’s problems, designing solutions and providing estimates. He brings a great deal of experience, knowledge and understanding to Abry Brothers. He is an extremely valuable member of the team.

”I enjoy meeting with homeowners. And I like that I can help solve their problems, make their lives safer and easier. My job is really rewarding.”

“After 20 plus years, I am proud to consider myself part of this [the Abry] family.”

Scott Wolff

Operations Manager

Scott relocated to New Orleans from San Antonio in January of 2006. He joined Abry Brothers as a foundation repair contractor to help rebuild New Orleans from the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina.

A graduate of Texas A&M, Scott brings a thorough understanding of the foundation repair industry to the Abry Brothers’ team.

John Abry

Project Manager

John is a proud 5th generation Abry. He has been working for Abry Brothers’ since 1970 and now, 43 years later, maintains an active roll in day to day field operations.

“I’m grateful to be a part of such a well established company.”

“The fact of the matter is: this area is prone to subsidence and Abry Brothers’ has the solutions.”