This Old House Has A Funky Foundation

What if your home’s foundation starts acting it’s age?

Have you found cracks in places you know most certainly aren’t supposed to find cracks? Perhaps the windows and doors aren’t opening or closing with the ease they once were. We’re all guilty of a little house keeping negligence once in a while, but these symptoms could mean MUCH bigger problems lie just out of sight.


Things like cracks, difficult to open doors or windows, uneven floors, and gaps above cabinets can all be signs of damage to your slab foundation. In New Orleans’ tropical climate, it’s a problem that is more common than you might think.

Typically, damage is caused by either settlement or upheaval.


Settlement means that part of your foundation has been compromised because a portion has fallen below the original elevation. This is due to a loss of soil, erosion, or a lack of moisture in the support soil. Upheaval problems are caused by the foundation moving above the original elevation, most commonly caused by excessive moisture under the slab.


Correctly diagnosing the problem is the key to finding the right repair. With 175 years of experience to our name, Abry Brothers can accurately assess your home’s foundation issues and develop the most effective repair plan. Not all homes, damage, or repairs are created the same and neither should the approach to fixing your slab foundation.


We understand that you’ll likely do your own online research, and find there are several popular methods to slab repair. While we don’t elect to use all the strategies you might find, here are some that you’re likely to come across:


  • Slab Piering; when a series of jacks are used to lift the settled slab to the grade elevation.
  • Control Joints; are a series planned cracks to accommodate movement caused by weather.
  • Injections; a component that inhibits the soil from absorbing water in a effort to eliminate shift.

While the above, and several other all frequently used repairs, how do you know which is right for you?

That’s simple, you call us for a thorough and professional inspection!


In the New Orleans region, Abry Brothers, Inc., has the most knowledge in the foundation repair business. We’re also experts on the variables of the soil on which your home rests. We familiar with the areas architecture, flood zones, and the best precautionary measures to couple with your repairs.


Please feel free to contact our team with any questions, or to schedule an inspection.