Hurricane Preparedness

  Hurricane Season: Ready or not, here she comes! School is out for summer, and the weather isn’t quite insufferable… yet. It’s time for much deserved vacations, and time outdoors. But ladies and gentlemen, hurricane season is upon us. We know the last thing any of us wants to do is worry about home responsibilities. But, what have you done to more


Cold-Weather-Proofing a Home in the Southeast: The crisp fall air still feels temperate, so it’s hard for us to believe winter is just on the horizon. Even in the Southeast, we’re vulnerable to winter storm systems, ice, and cooler temps. Take measures now to weatherproof your home for winter. With a few simple steps, you can save money on more

Raising a Home in New Orleans

Homeowners often wonder about raising homes in New Orleans, and everything required from money, time, and sacrifice. Questions generally center around the final cost and long term benefits. Some homeowners may feel that relocation is the answer. Others, well, not so much...Buying a home that is already well above the flood zone does sound nice, but is the cost more

New Orleans Shoring

Signs your foundation needs shoring work... There is no shortage of bells, whistles, sirens or alarms in our fare city of New Orleans. A few weeks ago a series of alerts brought Abry Brothers to the 1000 block of Canal Street following a 6 alarm fire. The four story structure had a large beam support system comprised of all wood, more

This Old House Has A Funky Foundation

What if your home’s foundation starts acting it’s age? Have you found cracks in places you know most certainly aren’t supposed to find cracks? Perhaps the windows and doors aren’t opening or closing with the ease they once were. We’re all guilty of a little house keeping negligence once in a while, but these symptoms could mean MUCH bigger problems more

Happy Birthday, Greg!

Please join us in wishing Abry Brothers' president, Greg Abry, a very happy birthday!

New Orleans Termite Repair Contractor

Repairing Foundations, Sills & Joists for 175 Years In the fall, we tailgate.  In the winter, we parade. In the spring, we fest.  In the summer, we duck and swat.  Huh?  Yep.  I’m talking about ducking and swatting the TERMITE SWARMS.  There is no quicker way to send porch-sitters or alfresco-diners running for cover, than to point out a more

New Orleans Shoring

Foundation Repair Services for the local, poroud-to-call-it-home-owner. New Orleans has a reputation for soaking up a spicy potpourri of cultures. Its Southern hospitality is unrivaled, its natives drenched in conversation. And yet, this city stuffed with cordiality consistently finds itself overflowing with inches upon feet of salty water post rain showers.   Nancy Gibbs of the Northeast, essayist and more

New Orleans Shoring Customers

Abry Brothers' New Orleans shoring customers weigh in... New Orleans is a unique city in that no one ever truly leaves.  We hear it all the time: “I went away for school, but I couldn’t stay gone!” or “My job took us to the mid-west, but we never felt comfortable there.” or “My husband’s family is from the north east, more

Slab on Grade vs. Pier and Beam

There are two basic types foundations in residential construction. Slab on Grade The first, and perhaps most common, foundation type is a slab on grade foundation.  A slab on grade is, essentially, a slab of concrete poured into a form that rests on the ground.  There are two basic types of slab foundations: Monolithic foundations and stem wall foundations (or more