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New Orleans’ Oldest Shoring and Foundation Repair Company

Fortifying New Orleans homes and businesses for the future.

Mission & Values

A 7th-Generation Contractor with the Heart of a Small Business

Secure Foundations for All

Our mission is to help the local community secure the foundations of their homes and businesses. Through thorough evaluations, hands-on project planning, and a comprehensive grant assistance program, we help them stay on solid ground for years to come.

Heritage of Excellence

Knowledge of our region’s unique climate, powerful waterways, and unstable landscape has been passed down to every generation of our family. The methods for fortifying our city’s history, and the integrity, innovation, and excellence required, are a part of our heritage – and our future.

Building with Integrity

As a family-led construction company, our core values are woven into everything we do. We believe in providing honest assessments, using state-of-the-art materials, and treating every customer like they are our most important. From day one, we see each structure as a unique entity, deserving individualized attention.


Our Continued Innovation in New Orleans Construction

Our projects, both new and historical, have been fundamental in bringing our city’s culture, beauty, and history into the future. The FEMA-commissioned book, The History of Building Elevation in New Orleans, details our story and that of the home elevation industry in the Crescent City.


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Recognized Excellence and Elite Memberships

Our Family’s Story

Abry Brothers, Inc.
Our 183-years history


John G. Abry immigrated to New Orleans from Frankfurt, Germany

1st Generation


Abry, a professional in the structural moving and house raising industry in Germany began the company in New Orleans, Louisiana.

2nd Generation


Emile Abry officially took over the house raising company from his father, John.


Emile Abry passed away. His obituary in the Times Picayune identified him as a “pioneer in the house raising business in New Orleans.” 

3rd Generation


Emile’s sons, George, John, and Herman grew Abry Brothers for much of the early 20th century.

4th Generation


Herman A. Abry was named president of Abry Brothers, Inc. He served in this capacity until 1971.

5th Generation


Herman J. Abry, son of Herman A. Abry, assumed the role of president.

6th Generation


H. Greg Abry, son of Herman J. Abry – and sixth generation heir to the Abry Brother’s family business, began working for the company as a project superintendent in 1988.


H. Greg Abry took control of the company as President.

7th Generation

2017 to Present

Greg’s sons, Thomas and Patrick Abry began working at the company as the 7th generation.


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