House Raising and Structural Moving for more than 175 years. A storied history of house raising and construction in New Orleans.


1832 – John G. Abry immigrated to New Orleans from Frankfurt, Germany


1840 – Abry, a professional in the structural moving and house raising industry in Germany, began a house raising, shoring and structural moving company in New Orleans, Louisiana.


1894 – Emile Abry officially took over the house raising company from his father, John.


1906 – Emile Abry passed away.  His obituary in the Times Picayune identified him as a “pioneer in the [house raising] business in [New Orleans],” and indicated that he was considered to be “one of the leaders in its prosperous days.”



1906 – George Abry was quoted in he New Orleans’ journal Architectural Art and its Allies:  “In following [the house raising and structural moving] business there is, on all occasions, a demand on a man for the closest attention [to detail], most accurate calculations in loads and strength of material, etc.”


1907 – Emile’s sons, George, John, and Herman grew Abry Brothers for much of the early 20th century. 


1908 – George Abry was appointed treasurer of the New Orleans Contractors & Dealers Exchange.


1912 – The Abry Brothers’ house raising services were contracted for the three story Samuel J. Peters School.  The Times Picayune reported that this was the biggest project of its kind for 30 years or more.  The brothers used 50 men and 800 jacks to complete the $65K job.


1914 – The Abry Brothers moved two100-ton bank vaults from their original locations, more than a block up Camp Street to a new location at the intersection of Camp and Canal.


1917 – George Abry ran a crew credited with the structural moving of the 119-foot, high-steepled St. Boniface Church from Galvez and Lapeyrouse to St. Bernard Avenue. Also in 1917, a caricature of George Abry was commissioned by Patrick’s Club Men of Louisiana.


1924 – George Abry completed his representation of the 5th Ward in the Louisiana Legislature.


1941 – To expose and repair a deteriorating foundation, Abry Brothers raised a three story brick building in February.  The occupants living in all 35 apartments were able to remain in place throughout the process.  In fact, the boiler was never disconnected and was, therefore, in continuous operation.


1948 – Herman A. Abry was named president of Abry Brothers, Incorporated. He served in this capacity until 1971.


1955 – Abry Brothers’ house raising, general construction and structural moving crews were employed to remove the first floor of a two story residence and then transport it to 1442 Eleonore Street.  It remains at that location today. 


1962 -Abry brothers announced that they were planning to create a new division focused on residential and commercial remodeling and renovation.


1965 – Hurricane Betsy devastated the region, but Abry Brothers rebuilt its house raising and structural moving business and continued to serve the Crescent City. 


1974 – Herman J. Abry, son of Herman A. Abry, assumed the roll of president.


1988 – H. Greg Abry, son of Herman J. Abry – and sixth generation heir to the Abry Brother’s family business, began working for the company as a project superintendent sin 1988.  


2004 – H. Greg Abry took control of the company as President.


2005 – Again, a hurricane pummeled the gulf coast and left New Orleans in ruins.  AND AGAIN, Abry Brothers’ rebuilt its business.