New Orleans Shoring Customers

Abry Brothers’ New Orleans shoring customers weigh in…

New Orleans is a unique city in that no one ever truly leaves.  We hear it all the time: “I went away for school, but I couldn’t stay gone!” or “My job took us to the mid-west, but we never felt comfortable there.” or “My husband’s family is from the north east, but New Orleans is home.”


What is it that Tennessee Williams said?


“America has but three cities: New York, San Francisco, and New Orleans.  Everywhere else is Cleveland.”


No offense to Cleveland, but we agree!


I know, you’re wondering what this has to do with shoring, leveling or house raising.  I’m getting there…

In a city this size, with people and families who seem to have been here since the dawn of time, it is especially important for a small businesses to maintain a solid reputation. If your name or your brand begins to slip… EVERYBODY knows about it and they know about it FOREVER!  Because they’re all here, all the time, they never leave.  And, oddly, – somehow – they’re all related!


With this in mind, Abry Brothers began sending out customer satisfaction surveys.  We want to know where we’re excelling and where we’re falling short.  We need this information so that we can better serve you, our customers.  But also… because we know that leaving a New Orleanian with an axe to grind is something that we need to avoid!


We hope these surveys give our customers the opportunity to reflect on their experience with Abry Brothers and give us an honest assessment of their encounter.

Here are some of the reviews that we’ve received to date…

My house is back level and all our doors work again! I’m very happy with my Abry Brothers experience.   8/31/2014


I have referred you to a friend already. And, I will again if anyone is looking. Thank you!   6/23/2014


I felt comfortable with the crew. Scott was great.   9/11/2014


To be perfectly honest, I did not get any other estimates. After doing a little research I was very comfortable with Abry’s reputation and felt that was more important than possibly paying less for the job.   9/19/2014


I would never consider anyone else!!   5/28/2014


I didn’t bid it. I needed fast, expert service and that’s what I got.   8/25/2014


[They] said three days or so, and it was. It was just three days over a two week period. I’m super happy.  Everyone I spoke with was helpful and knowledgeable.   8/31/2014


When we do work for you, we’d really like it if you would take the time to fill out the survey form.  They really do help us gauge our performance and adjust our methods so as to provide you, our New Orleans customers, with a better shoring and/or foundation repair experience.